Welcome, this is a website in progress!

I hope to add an archive of my paintings and other art-works over time.

(Btw If anyone should happen to have a photo of a painting called ‘Saddam’s kitchen’, approx 15cm x 20cm, oil on board 2003, please let me know?)

Thank you soo much for your interest and support.
Stella xx

In 2003, a lot of things happened at pretty much the same time. This photo was taken by my friend the wonderful artist Robert Ellis. I was living and working in a dis-used butchers shop in Whitecross St, London EC1.

Painting and DIY’er by day, and table-dancer by night.

I had decided to open an art project space, and maybe represent other artists at some point, at art fairs etc. Other ideas had been a theatre, a cinema, and a cafe.

A few days after I opened the gallery in 2003, which I called Rosy Wilde, my mum took ill and not long after died.
Then an article appeared in The Evening Standard, with a letter from princess Diana to her butler Paul Burrell.
The princess had predicted her own death from a car crash and a head injury. A whole bunch of wet, messy, child-like expressionist paintings ensued, which included the MI6 building melting into The Thames.

Photo: ‘Hi Paul, can you come over…?’, 51cm x 61cm, oil on board, 2003.
The Saatchi Gallery, County Hall, London, 2004.